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Brand Research: A Required Routine

As a brand, your end goal is to get more consumers on board. This may be an oversimplification, but the fact remains that your consumer base drives the economic growth of your brand. To this end, you probably have a marketing arm, or even a team dedicated to bringing more consumers into the fold. But how does a marketing team accomplish this? Put simply - consumer research Consumer research is a valuable business tool that can help you understand your customers and what makes them tick. Are there certain colours that appeal more to your target audience? Does the language you’re using make them want to buy your product or run around looking for a dictionary? All this information (and more) is what helps you and your team craft products, marketing programs and advertising campaigns…

CEO magazine: Wiping off the usual, From Advertising to Backvertising

Human emotions and thoughts are the fuel that ignite powerful relations between a brand and its customers. Motivations, lifestyles, attitudes and even buying behaviors stem from a core human instinct. The more consumers understand and involve with your brand on a human level, the more stories are buzzed about your brand which helps it to touch people on a human level. This whole mechanism, Consumer insights pushes your brand beyond growth by making it a part of consumer’s lifestyle and connecting with not just on an emotive level. Advertising, traditionally, has been a monologue by a brand to its potential more.

Silicon India Magazine on NFX Digital: Removing the Ambiguity behind Advertising with Analytics

With India's constant economic growth and the influx of MNCs, the growth of Indian advertising market is on steroids. Brands are willing to spend Rs.3,50,000 for displaying their ad on TV for ten seconds. But, the million dollar question is: Is that advertisement strong enough to enthral the consumer? The answer is an ambiguous 'sometimes'! Because, most of the time, brands fail to get adequate bang for the buck because they rely on their gut feeling while conceptualizing their advertisements, instead of testing their concept with more.

We Need More Than Just Digital Insights

It is very important to understand the context around individuals by utilising additional data sets such as geo-demographic segmentation data (age, postcode, salary, etc). This is because the digital profile of a person only provides half the picture. We have to fit the other half to create a meaningful whole. Let’s go further into this concept and see what may happen if we do not understand the context around a person completely. Let’s see if digital insights tell us exactly what is going on. Marketing data over the last decade has been very well recorded and saved. Data is important but then we have to take into consideration the changing behavior and patterns of consumers. There is a whole new set of data available which can give us new digital insights. These insights can take…

10 Reasons Online Surveys Win

 1. Faster On an average the time span needed to complete an online survey project is two-thirds shorter than that of traditional research. Since the information is being gathered online, we don’t need to wait for the questionnaires to come back – hence the response time is almost instant. Most of the responses are received within the first three days of the survey becoming live online. 2. Cheaper Online research also cuts down your research costs substantially. You will save money on field workers and administrating the questionnaires. Researchers also do not have to enter the information into a database. Responses are processed automatically, instantly and the results are accessible at any time. 3. Accurate Online surveys tend to reduce the margin of error because the participants enter their responses directly into the system. Traditional…

The Importance of Consumer Insights

Media has changed completely in just a decade or two. Earlier there was one television network, one newspaper in every city, and clearly defined radio stations. Now there are hundreds of television and cable channels, let alone Netflix and DVRs. AIR is fading as FM Radio networks take over. Even the once mightiest of newspapers are struggling to survive. And now there are numerous online marketing and social media marketing opportunities that must also be considered. Due to this complex media scenario simple demographics no longer suffice, and consumer insights have become very important. Researchers, or those who casually profess to provide consumer background, are now being forced to provide more than just numbers. Marketers today demand real, useful information that can be acted on by all segments of an organization that are involved in doing…

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